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Painting to Sell

We just painted our house in a contemporary, monochromatic color scheme of Tin Foil Gray with White Trim and a Dark Gray (almost black) Front Door. We are thinking of selling in the future, but not just yet. When people paint their homes a color they like, they need to consider not only the neighborhood or other homes around them, but they need to keep to a neutral color scheme that coordinates with the roof color and other tones. Neutrals are popular both on the outside and inside. However some colors seem dated and old like off-white and Terra-Cotta. Do your homework and ask opinions of others before you decide on your paint color. Lighting and shadows also affect the color shade. Also, there are light, medium, and dark tones to consider. When I chose light gray, I was careful to avoid colors I didn't want like blue-gray, lavender-gray, green-gray, etc. I was looking for a clear gray with a semi-gloss that was washable with just a hint of shimmer. I also changed the old, rusty brass lights to black and had the scrolls taken out of the railing and repainted it black. Below the picture of my front door is an article about choosing paint for your home when you go to sell.

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